Setting Fan speed Thresholds via IPMI

I use an old SuperMicro X9 series motherboard, and I put nice fancy Noctua fans inside of them. However, because the fans can spin at such a low speed, the SuperMicro board things that this means the fan is going into a critical state and ramps them up to full speed. Resulting in a loop.

The fix to this is to change the default thresholds to something more fitting the Noctua fan. This can be done with ipmitool.

# To get the list of sensors, looking for the fan ones
ipmitool sensor list all

ipmitool sensor thresh "FAN 2" lower 75 150 225
ipmitool sensor thresh "FAN 4" lower 75 150 225
ipmitool sensor thresh "FAN 2" upper 2100 2175 2475
ipmitool sensor thresh "FAN 4" upper 2100 2175 2475

The extact values do not matter so much as long as they are outside of the normal operating range of the fans you are adding to the case.

Hopefully this helps!

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