Dashy and Grafana

I have been using a dashboard service called Dashy for the past several months and I like it quite a bit. It's the landing page when I open a new browser window or tab and it displays all the different links and places I would like to go right off the bat. However, one thing that was missing was a quick display of some Grafana metrics that I could glance at right away.

Of course I am running both of these services in Docker. But that can pose some challenges. Mainly on the Grafana side. Dashy has the ability to display iframes built in. Grafana has the ability to share it's data as an iframe. But I was getting some errors when attempting this. It turns out that I had to make some changes to the environment variables for my Grafana container and modify the URL that Grafana generated for it's iframe option.

I had to add the following to Grafana as environment variables:


Additionally, when you click on a visualization to share, and select embed, with will give you the full iframe code for this. However, we do not want the full code, we just want the URL. This will be the first part in quotes, ending just before the width is specified.

I also found that I needed to remove the from=%to= line from the URL Grafana generates. so that my displayed iframe is current. Not sure why you can not adjust this in the share menu, but alas.

After making the changes above I was able to view the visualized metrics in Dashy.