Migrating Blog to Ghost

Well, it happened as I said it would in post number 1. I messed up again. Although not that bad as it turns out. But it is the reason that I decided to switch blogging platforms.

I was in the process of migrating all of my services to Docker (another post) when I thought to upgrade my blog. Currently that was being hosted on one of my websites. I thought to move it from my website to a self hosted docker container on my home server. I found ghost and thought that it fit the bill (offered as a docker container, fairly simple, nice to look at) so I installed it and went to migrate my existing posts.

But, alas, when I went to my blog, the site didn't load! Turns out, I had deleted the whole site accidentally when I was migrating my sub-domains over to my new lab domain. Very unfortunate. What was fortunate though, is that I remembered the posts themselves were stored in a separate sql database! Luckily that hadn't been touched at all and I was able to get the post data out and into the new ghost blog.

Ghost itself also stores it's data in a separate sql database, which as my mistake will show, is an important first step in protecting your data, store it elsewhere haha. The upside of those files being stored in my home server is that they will now be backed up regularly in addition to being stored separately from ghost itself.

Lessons learned and experienced gained.